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Your place to go for soccer audio content!

About Football was my first love 🔗

The main goal of the Football was my first love app is to create a central platform where soccer fans can access a wide range of audio content that revolves exclusively around their favorite sport. The app will serve as a comprehensive audio archive where users can not only listen, but also share their own soccer experiences.

The project: Modernization & further development of the vision


Project overview

The project was taken over by Olympia-Verlag 🔗 (kicker 🔗) in 2023 with the vision of further developing the existing platform and creating a large audio platform for soccer content.
A strong partner for further development was found in

Collaboration & project goal ⚽

As an IT service provider, plays a decisive role in that the company is not only responsible for the technical maintenance and further development of the platform, but is also actively involved in the design of the product vision and the UI/UX.

In the first phase of the project, we technically stabilized the existing platform and comprehensively modernized the app. This ensures that users continue to enjoy a high-quality experience. In the next phase, we will continue to drive forward our vision of establishing a leading platform for soccer audio content. By implementing innovative features and fresh ideas, we are continuously enriching the offering.


Our project relies on a range of modern and powerful technologies to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience. These technologies include:

  • React Native For developing a seamless, cross-platform user experience
    React Native
  • TailwindCSS: This CSS framework is used to style and design the user interface of our web application. TailwindCSS provides a comprehensive set of predefined CSS classes that we can use to create beautiful and consistent designs for our entire application.
  • Expo Framework for developing Apps in React-Native in rocket speed 🚀
  • Laravel: A php framework to develop backend applications in a modern way. (Will be replace by a TypeScript Backend)